Leon Chee A Tow

All Round Top Geezer

My Name is Leon and I am the owner/Trainer at the facility.   I was previously a Teacher for 19 years, teaching alternative provisions to disengaged children.  Boxing, circuit training, football, basketball, athletics, volleyball, table tennis, self-defence techniques and much more.  

I decided to move into the fitness industry after sustaining a spine Injury.  I had to do months of rehabilitation to develop my strength, core and posture.  I now specialise in these areas and would like to help others develop these attributes.  

I like to describe myself as happy go lucky and positive. I think everyone has the ability to make a change no matter how difficult the road may be the achieve it.  Everyone’s journey starts the day they decide to make that positive change. I provide the platform, but individuals need to walk across.  I believe that there is no such thing as a bad workout other than the one you don’t do! Once the consistency is there, all the rest will fall into place.  Eat well, sleep well, train well and rest well should help construct a more healthy future for all that commit to a positive change.


Level Three PT

First Aid Trained

Boxing and Pad Work

Advance Core Development

FA Level 1 Coach

Qualified Teacher

DBS Registered